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Technical Specification
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Technical Specification
Dimension & Surface Quality    
Deviation in length +0.2% +0.2%
Deviation in thickness +4% +4%
Straightness of sides N.A. N.A.
Rectangularity +0.15% +0.04%
Surface Flatness +0.22% +0.05%
Surface Quality Min 95% Min 95%
Physical Properties    
Water absorption >10% 14 to 19%
Bending Strength Avg 015N/mm 17 N Minium
Stretch hardness (mohs) Min. 3 Min. 3
Surface abrasion N.A N.A.
Crazing 4 Cycles 4 Cycle
Chemical Properties    
Staining resistance Class 1 Passes
House Hold Chemical Class AA Resistance to all, except hydrofluric acid & its compound
Thermal Properties    
Thermal Shock Resistant to 10 cycle Resistant to 10 cycles
Thermal Expansion 9 x 10 -6 K-1 max. Complies

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